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The Weight of Addition, an anthology of Texas Poetry

The Weight of Addition, an anthology of Texas Poetry is our fourth and newest title. In this new collection, Randall Watson has thoughtfully brought together the work of 118 poets connected to Texas by heritage and/or residence, or by coming here for a time, often to teach, contributing remarkably to our evolving poetry community. With The Weight of Addition, an Anthology of Texas Poetry, it is our continuing mission to document the rich and diverse work that is being created here.

Randy writes in his introduction, "It is my intention, then that the title, The Weight of Addition, should suggest the depth and range of the work that appears here."

He goes on to conclude, " . . . --we have the poems themselves: each a sign and a revelation of our uncommon lives . . . each an artifact of the spirit, of the inner life with its mass and fluidity, . . . each an addition and a weight--humane and troubled and hopeful and necessary--a mirror in which we might discover not just those things that distinguish us, but those that identify us, that connect us, individually, in what might be called our mutuality, our belonging."

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First Place:

D. B. Cherry, DIPTYCH

Second Place:


Third Place:

Kate Schmitt, AFTERWORLD

Honorable Mentions:

Melanie Jordan, LIMINAL

The following authors are included in this collection:

V.T. Abercrombie
Lewis Garvin
Jere Pfister
Carolyn Adams
Wayne Lee Gay
Robert Phillips
James Adams
John Gorman
John Poch
Alan Ainsworth
Jennifer Grotz
Deseree Marie Probasco
Mike Alexander
Laurie A. Guerrero
Barbara Ras
Barry Ballard
William F. Guest
Robin Reagler
Alicia Bankston
Laura Quinn Guidry
Daniel Rice
Wendy Barker
Michelle Hartman
John E. Rice
Joe Barnes
Kurt Heinzelman
Sally Ridgway
David Bart
Jesse G. Herrera
Daniel Rifenburgh
Kristi Beer
Grady Hillman
Erika Rodriguez Hernandez
Ann Reisfeld Boutté
Edward Hirsch
Iris Rozencwajg
Carolyn Praytor Boyd
Tony Hoagland
Paul Ruffin
Stella Brice
Ann Howells
Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Jericho Brown
Robb Jackson
M. Duncan Scheps
Robert Burlingame
Ken Jones
Kate Schmitt
Joseph Campana
Melanie Jordan
Varsha Shah
Mary Margaret Carlisle
Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan
ire'ne lara silva
Cyrus Cassells
Sharon Klander
Eva Skrande
R. T. Castleberry
Jacqueline Kolosov
Larue Smith
D. B. Cherry
Judith Kroll
Loueva Smith
Mary Cimarolli
Laurie Clements Lambeth
Allison Smythe
Sandra Cisneros
Erica Lehrer
Michael Sofranko
Kathleen Cook
Rich Levy
Rebecca Spears
Sarah Cortez
Michael Lieberman
Sandi Stromberg
Maryke Cramerus
Thad Logan
Carmen Tafolla
Stan Crawford
Robert Lunday
Jessica Tarrand
Carolyn Dahl
Peggy Zuleika Lynch
Larry D. Thomas
André de Korvin
Cynthia Macdonald
Stephanie Thome
Ysabel de la Rosa
Dodie Messer Meeks
Gail Tirone
Carol Denson
John R. Milkereit
William Turner
Marco A. Domínguez
Laura Elizabeth Miller
Evangelina Vigil-Piñón
KB Eckhardt
Carolina Monsiváis
Randall Watson
B. H. Fairchild
Jack Myers
Sasha West
Carolyn Tourney Florek
Naomi Shihab Nye
Lowell Mick White
Larry L. Fontenot
Monica Teresa Ortiz
Scott Wiggerman
Priscilla Frake
Mary Gomez Parham
Susan Wood
Adamarie Fuller
Dave Parsons
Adam Zagajewski
Edwin Gallaher
Emmy Pérez
Jeannie Gambill
Donna Perkins