Mutabilis Press is a nonprofit literary press devoted to publishing poetry, especially the work of poets living in the greater Houston area. We founded our press in 2003, not with grand intentions, but simply with the sense of the great need for more publication opportunities for poets in our city and surrounding areas. This is not to say that future projects of Mutabilis Press will exclude writers from other areas, but to begin with we are focusing our efforts on publishing both established and emerging poets active in our literary community.

The word mutabilis is Latin for changeable and is used in botanical nomenclature, e.g. Rosa mutabilis. One of my favorite old garden roses is Mutabilis, or the Butterfly rose, named for its multi-colored blooms that look like butterflies. Each five-petaled flower changes color as it opens and ages, beginning as a yellowish apricot bud and ending as scarlet.

The sound and Latin origins of mutabilis seemed a fitting name for our press which is evolving with each book.

Carolyn Tourney Florek

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Board of Directors 2017

Chuck Wemple, President

Stan Crawford, Vice President/Secretary

Varsha Saraiya-Shah, Treasurer

Carolyn Dahl

Carolyn Florek

Priscilla Frake

John Milkereit

Rebecca Spears

Sandi Stromberg