Stan Crawford

Stan Crawford is an attorney and poet living in the Houston Heights with his wife Dawn and a menagerie of dogs and cats. His poems have been published in The Comstock Review, Poet Lore, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Illya's Honey, Water-Stone Review and elsewhere. His poetry collection Resisting Gravity was published by Lamar University Literary Press in 2016. He has been a juried poet in the Houston Poetry Fest and nominated for a Pushcart Award by Dos Gatos Press in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


It is like the time we visited the coast
of Italy, and were seduced by the apricot sky
and the lavish sighs of the blue-green sea
to go down the spiral stairs of the city,
past the shops selling beachwear and
lemoncello candy, and across the flagstones
along the water, until we reached the beach
slanting down to the waves—a sandy beach
that turned into thousands of smooth
black stones—and were induced to walk
into the softly curling water, deeper and
deeper, discovering on closer inspection
that the waves were colored a muddy brown,
rather than blue or green, and seemed
to be filled with ghosts dancing to the music
that only ghosts can hear.  Suddenly,
it became clear that the ghosts were schools
of jellyfish, quite invisible from shore, but now
everywhere, trailing tendrils delivering lingering
stings like precedents or Sicilian curses,
and we fled the water, lurching and stumbling,
our tender feet pondering the hardness
of the unnaturally blind-black stones.

            From Resisting Gravity