Chuck Wemple

Chuck Wemple is a scientist and poet currently living and working in Houston, Texas. Chuck’s interest in poetry began when he enrolled in a creative writing class at the University of Montana. An elective course at the end of his senior year, an afterthought at the time, the class has heavily influenced his life. He has written poetry for over 28 years; served as co-editor of the poetry review Spiky Palm; met his wife Mary at a poetry reading; and is currently exploring the world of executive management. His poetry incorporates themes of mythology, magical realism, and the occasional circus bear. 

His work has appeared in several anthologies including Time Slice: Houston Poetry (2005), Houston Poetry Fest (2004, 2005, 2009), di-verse-city: Austin International Poetry Festival (2002, 2004, 2015), Galveston Island Poetry Roundtable Poets (2012), and Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston (2016). His poem “Some Nights Tiny Furies” placed third in the Austin International Poetry Festival Anthology competition in 2015. Chuck has been a featured reader at First Friday in Houston, and at the Gulf Coast Poets and 4th Tuesday Reading Series in Webster, Texas. He is a frequent contributor to the Words & Art reading series at Rice Gallery.


Alligator bigger than me
Bigger than a station wagon
So green he’s almost black (almost)

How quickly he’s pulled from the ground
Noose around his neck
The men are all too easy about this

Too eager to take your picture for a dollar
Right next to dangling feet
Slowly spinning above the crowd

Smaller gator
Dead on ice
Kids touch it prod it

A little girl                               blonde ponytail
Gently places ice cubes on the gator’s back
Hoping to keep him cool

She’ll be fine

It’s the son I worry about

The one who is crying
The one with the boozed up father
Hollering at him to put his head in the gator’s mouth

            Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston