Elizabeth Rice

for Lyric Benson (1980 – 2003)

You feel Lyric before you see her,
Like the split second before a rainstorm
When earth and sky struggle to occupy the same space at the
          same time
Air filled so full, it emits a pulse.

You contain Lyric, but just barely,
Like the last ditch effort of rafters
Before laughter scrapes across to make its get-away through the
Sound rings so loud, it rattles your bones.

Lyric lands the part before she auditions,
Like a dragonfly wing doesn’t try out
When the role calls for shine to the point of incandescence
Shimmer cuts so sharp, it hurts your eyes.

Lyric dies before she fully lives,
Like a rose never shows her face
When the metal-grey bullet of Wind’s gun nips the bud.
Grief stabs so deep, Spring won’t change her skirts.

Poems used with permission of the authors, and may not be re-used without their permission.