Priscilla Frake

This world is shadow, rise
    and fall
                    or sideways slide
      of voltage.
This world is fish in gliding
      all metal-and-teeth,
           all chrome-and-gut,
                all blank windows
     and jaws
                                 and you just want to breathe
         without being pinched.
But I pinch, clutch, scuttle
                                       in your clench!
      I am your knight in rusted armor,
       your strong claw, your might-
                             have-been, your unpaid
                 protection. I live
          in that soup can you have for rent
                                        in your chest
and I will defend you against every!
                                                   I will no you
               into carapace and clack
                     the wrack of any,
                                                   and you will be safe
                                                         and if you are sorry
                          that’s not my worry.

Poems used with permission of the authors, and may not be re-used without their permission.