TIMESLICE: Houston Poetry 2005

TimeSlice: Houston Poetry 2005 is our third and newest title. It includes 81 poems by 60 poets, some well known (like Adam Zagajewski, Edward Hirsch, Tony Hoagland, Robert Phillips, Sarah Cortez, and Lorenzo Thomas), others relatively new to publishing, and most somewhere in between.

TimeSlice is a collection of many talents, of writers active in our community both as poets and as teachers; in professions like law, engineering, geology, medicine, homemaking, business; those who do the day job to write at night or vice versa. Our intention as the publisher was to glean as many fine poetic voices from our community as possible and collect them into a single book, as a documentation of the works being created in our time and place. It is our hope that this intention will grow into a tradition with a similar collection every five years.

Rich Levy, poet and director of Inprint, Inc., writes in his foreword to TimeSlice, “…the poems of a certain place at a certain time—say Houston, 2005—can offer a glimpse of that place, a measure of its wit, a litmus of its verbs. Based on this (tentative) affirmation, we can safely assert (at least for the moment, at the heels of a city almost constantly in motion) that poetry issues forth here, and that it is of sufficient quality and variety to give us a sense of vitality and joy.”

Cover art copyright © 2005 by Margaret Smithers-Crump.

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TIMESLICE: Houston Poetry 2005

The following authors are included in this collection:

Carolyn Adams
Carolyn Dahl
John E. Rice
James Adams
Andre de Korvin
Daniel Rifenburgh
June Adler
Sybil Pittman Estess
Iris Rozencwajg
Alan Ainsworth
Carolyn Tourney Florek
Janet Ruffin
Mike Alexander
Larry Fontenot
Varsha Shah
Terry Barbieri
Priscilla Frake
Rebecca Shukla
Joe Barnes
John Gorman
Loueva Smith
Kristi Beer
Edward Hirsch
Allison Smythe
Carolyn Praytor Boyd
Tony Hoagland
Michael Sofranko
Martha Everhart Braniff
Angélique Jamail
Cathy Stern
Jimmy Burns
Ken Jones
Sandi Stromberg
Mary Margaret Carlisle
Rich Levy
Brian Kenneth Swain
R. T. Castleberry
Michael Lieberman
Martha Margarita Tamez
Jim Cavanaugh
Dodie Messer Meeks
Lorenzo Thomas
SuzAnne C. Cole
Radames Ortiz
Elizabeth Wallace
Wm. Anthony Connolly
Donna Perkins
Randall Watson
Karon Cook
Robert Phillips
Chuck Wemple
Sarah Cortez
Deseree Marie Probasco
Christopher Woods
Carol K. Cotten
Daniel Rice
Adam Zagajewski
Stan Crawford
Elizabeth Rice
Jane Zimbaldi